Promo video for the Training of New Trainers of AEGEE-Academy, held in Bucuresti, Romania in 2017. I designed the visual identity used in the event, along with a social media strategy in collaboration with the host organisation (AEGEE-Bucuresti).

Credits and license:
Script, direction, video editing, special effects, sound design: Antonis Triantafyllakis for AEGEE-Academy
“AEGEE-Academy” logo is a trademark of AEGEE-Academy
“AEGEE-Bucuresti” logo is a trademark of AEGEE
Source videos:
“Bucharest, night, winter, aerial shots” by (
“Bucharest sunset” by Mihai M (
Source music:
“Vortex” & “Take a Chance” by Kevin MacLeod (
Original videos and music all licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Edited on OpenShot Video Editor